Mühle R89

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Mühle R89 is an excellent razor for a beginner. The head was developed jointly with Edwin Jagger, so both razors share the same razor head. Not only will it shave great but it is also relatively mild, so you don’t have to worry too much about nicks and cuts. Looks stunning and is in many ways the ideal razor. But should you pay for this particular razor more than Edwin Jagger 89 which has the same razor head? We will take a closer look next.







User friendliness



+ For those who enjoy smaller razors
+ Easy to assemble
+ Mildly aggressive razor



  • A mildly aggressive razor that produces comfortable shave. Makes it suitable for beginners
  • Has the same razor head as Edwin Jagger 89. Handle is different
  • The knurled handle has a decent grip
  • Has multiple handle finishes and designs
  • The standard model is a three-piece safety razor
  • Is less affordable than some other entry-level safety razors


Mühle products come in a nice package. It is a simple yet elegant box that is beautiful to look at. Razors are tools, but I still prefer them packaged into something nice that you are not ashamed to give someone as a present.

Size matters!

Over the past century, safety razors have grown in size. They have gotten larger and heavier. While many of us prefer heftier razors and greet these changes, there are still many who enjoy smaller razors. This razor is for them. And those who still wish to get this model but are afraid it may be too small for their hands – get the Grande model with the longer handle.

Weight (R89): 2.5 oz / 70 g
Weight (Twist and Grande): 3.2 oz / 90 g
Length (Twist and Grande): 4.2″ / 10.7 cm
Length (R89): 3.2″ / 8 cm

How Does It Feel In Your Hand

Standard Muhle R89 model has a short handle. Short handle adds some maneuverability in difficult areas around your mouth being more nimble in your hand. Also, not everyone enjoys longer handles. There are plenty of men who rather prefer a shorter handle. But for those that wish to shave their heads, armpits or legs with it – I would recommend getting the Grande / Twist model.

The knurling is on the shallow side. It looks good, but the grip may become slippery. Yet compared to most Edwin Jagger DE 89 models, it is still better. I wouldn’t recommend using this under the shower for this reason.

The weight is less than Edwin Jagger DE89 or Merkur 34c. The difference is around .3 oz / 10 g, but you will notice the disparity at first. It doesn’t affect your shaving quality though. It still provides very smooth and efficient shave. It is more about what kind of razor you prefer. I like heavy razors, but if you have no prior experience with safety razors, then it really doesn’t matter as you don’t have reference point anyway.

What About The Design

As mentioned Mühle R89 and Edwin Jagger DE89 have the same razor head. It was jointly designed and both companies have their own production line. Both have scalloped closed comb design providing mild shave.

The razor is made out of zamak (pot metal). It is a three-piece design meaning you have three separate pieces: the cap, the plate and the handle. It is a little bit easier to exchanges blades in a two-piece design like Twist model, but in a three-piece design, you can buy new handles and other parts. There are plenty of vendors out there who sell just parts of the razors.

As with Mühle R41 you can buy R89 with a longer handle, this model is named Mühle R89 Grande or as a two-piece design called Mühle R89 Twist. There are also the same four finishes you can choose from: chrome, rose-gold, black resin and tortoiseshell. Chrome plated model has shallow knurling which provides better grip than non-knurled handles, but it still gets slippery occasionally.

Will It Shave?

Mühle R89 is known for a mild quality shave. The razor provides the same effortless shave as EJ89 that won’t leave behind weepers and nicks. To get really close shave though you need to have more than one pass. It comes with a one standard feather blade which is a good quality blade.

Because it is a little bit shorter than EJ DE89, many find it more easy to maneuver around the chin and under the nose. And because it is lighter, some say it also delivers milder shave by a fraction. This I believe is somewhat subjective observation and should be taken with a grain of salt. I would rank both of them equally mild. Making Muhle R89 especially good for a beginner wet shaver who is still learning the technique.

Comparison: Muhle R89 vs Edwin Jagger 89L vs Merkur 34C HD

It makes sense to compare R89 with EJ 89 because both razors have the same head. I have also included Merkur 34C, another well-regarded beginner friendly safety razor.

As I already mentioned both Muhle R89 and EJ DE89 are more similar than not. They are both mildly aggressive and you will get efficient, comfortable shave out of them. Merkur 34C is considered a little bit more aggressive than ED DE89 hence also the same applies to Muhle R89.

Edwin Jagger DE89 is made with multiple handle sizes and design. Muhle R89 also has some options, but the number of selection is considerably lower. Merkur 34C HD comes only in one size and is either chrome or gold plated. Merkur 34C has better knurling on the handle though making it less slippery than the other two.

The smallest of three razors is Muhle R89. Merkur 34C is very similar in size and weight, so you get the same feeling when you are holding the razor. Now EJ DE89 is bigger. It is 0.5″ / 1.4 cm longer and .2 oz / 7 g heavier. Most men with bigger hands find the longer handle to be more comfortable. But if you rather enjoy smaller razors, then Muhle R89 is a good choice.

All three are excellent razors and suitable for beginners as well as experienced wet shavers. What makes them differ mostly from one another is size. So if you want a smaller razor, consider either Muhle or Merkur, the latter being a tad more aggressive. But if you want a bigger razor then go with the EJ DE89.

To summarize the key differences:

  • All three are similar in their aggressiveness. Merkur 34C is a little bit more aggressive out of the three. All three are though excellent for beginners.
  • Edwin Jagger is .5″ / 1.4 cm longer and .2 oz / 7 g heavier compared to Muhle R89. Good choice if you want a bigger handle for your razor.
  • Muhle R89 and Merkur 34C are similar in size and weight. They are more suitable for users who prefer smaller razors.
  • Edwin Jagger DE89 has the largest selection of different handle finishes
  • Merkur 34C is a two-piece safety razor while Muhle and EJ are both three-piece safety razors
  • Edwin Jagger DE 89 is the most affordable out of the three


Mühle R89 is an excellent quality razor. My question is though should you pay extra for it? If you enjoy smaller razors, then it is understandable. But you get almost the same razor with some additional handle options when buying Edwin Jagger DE89 while paying less.