Micro Touch One (MT1)

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Let me just start by saying that you get what you pay for. This Rick Harrison endorsed product has a lot of reviews on Amazon, and I am sure that is one of the reasons why so many end up buying this. But should you buy it? My honest opinion is – no! At least not for your daily driver. But before you decide, let me make my case in the following review. In the end, it is you who pulls the trigger.







User friendliness



+ Price
+ Twist-To-Open mechanism
+ Mild razor


– Quality control issues
 Not suitable for coarse beard

  • It is a mild razor thus suitable for soft whiskers. Should you have a coarser beard, I would recommend something more aggressive
  • The twist-to-open mechanism makes the blade switching convenient
  • The knurling on the handle is rough enough to ensure decent grip
  • It is a mass-produced consumer good, and the package mirrors this
  • Quality control issues
  • Very affordable


I think the box that Micro Touch One comes in cannot be called “package.” It is just a plastic cover to show you the product inside with the Rick Harrison head being almost the same size as the razor. Should this cheap supermarket sold razor come in something fancier? I guess not, but it wouldn’t hurt to make it a little bit more appealing.

Size matters!

It is lightweight and short. In size, it is similar to Merkur 34C HD for example, which is widely recommended beginner friendly razor. If you enjoy smaller razors, then it might work for you.

Weight: 2 oz / 56 g
Length: 3.3″ / 8.5 cm
Made in China

How Does It Feel In Your Hand

The handle like I already mentioned is rather short. I prefer longer handles because I find it gets a little bit uncomfortable holding smaller razors. But if you happen to have more averaged size hand, then this probably won’t be a problem for you.

The handle is made out of zamak like most other razors that are mass produced. The handle has good knurling, and it doesn’t slip even when your hands are covered with soap.

The overall weight of the razor is 2 oz / 56 g, which makes it a lightweight compared to other modern razors. Micro Touch One is made based on the original Gillette super speed razors which also used to be less than 2.1 oz / 60 g. Because I started wet shaving with modern razors and like them heavy, I find it too lightweight for my taste. This, of course, is a matter of preference and doesn’t affect the quality of the shave in any way.

What About The Design

As I already mentioned this razor is based on the vintage Gilette Super Speed TTO razor. It is closed comb twist-to-open type of razor. You have to turn the knob to open the butterfly doors. This will reveal the slot where you can place the razor blade. It is a very convenient way to change the blades.

Unfortunately Micro Touch One plagued by quality control issues. Very often it brakes down in a matter of months. Either the TTO mechanism brakes down, corrosion kicks in or it just comes with blade misalignment issues. This razor is beleaguered with every possible quality issue there is. If it works, it can be a very nice entry level safety razor, but statistically, almost every third razor seems to break down. And those that don’t will give you a shave that many find to be too mild for their beard.

Will It Shave?

Micro Touch One comes with 12 Dorco razor blades which get no love here. I would recommend buying a razor blade sample pack should you go with this razor. The Dorco blades are notoriously dull so you should try out other brands to get most out of the razor. Astra SP, Feather, Polsilver, etc.

Because it provides a very mild shave, it is suitable for beginners. With three to four passes it gets the job done. But you need to use steeper angle. Otherwise, it will just glide over the whiskers without cutting them. Just keep in mind to use a more aggressive razor blade.

Comparison: Micro Touch One (MT1) vs. Merkur 34C Heavy Duty (HD)

If you are looking for a safety razor that is suitable for beginners, then you might also consider Merkur 34C HD. Both razors aren’t very aggressive and are similar in size. But they are also very different.

While both razors are similar in length being 3.3-3.4″ / 8.3-8.5 cm they have different weight. Merkur 34C HD weighs 2.7 oz / 77g while MT1 is 2 oz / 56 g. The weight difference is noticeable, but it doesn’t affect the way the razor shaves. It is more about your preference.

Merkur 34C is a two-piece safety razor. So to insert a razor blade, you have to unscrew the cap from the base-handle piece. While TTO mechanism with butterfly doors is more convenient, it is also more prone to break down. Classical two- and three-piece razors are in this regard more foolproof.

Out of the two 34C is more aggressive while still being a mild and efficient razor. It is also more solid and has a quality feel about it. These features come with a higher price tag though making it less affordable than MT1.

MT1 would make a perfect travel razor. You can buy it with a travel case as well. So if you lose it during traveling, you won’t feel remorse over it. But if you are seriously considering safety razor as your daily shaver, then I would recommend getting Merkur 34C HD. The quality of the razor and smooth, efficient shave is enough to warrant the higher price

To summarize the key differences:

  • Merkur 34C HD is a two-piece safety razor. This design is more durable compared to the TTO mechanism but less convenient to switch razor blades
  • Merkur 34C HD has less quality control issues and feels more sturdier
  • It is more aggressive. Suitable for most types of beards
  • 34C weighs .7 oz / 19 g more compared to MT1
  • Merkur 34C has a sort handle like MT1 with good knurling, but it comes in two different finishes – gold or chrome plated
  • It is on the higher end of the budget


For many, this razor has been the gateway to the land of wet shaving. Because of this, it invokes nostalgia among many users who would argue that it is the perfect entry-level razor. I disagree with this. One of the reasons people switch to using safety razors is that it is less expensive compared to cartridge razors. But if the razor keeps breaking down every few months, you will lose more money than save in the end. If you are price sensitive and still would like to try out safety razors, I would recommend either QShave Adjustable or Weishi Nostalgic

I think the only reason to buy MT1is if you are looking for a cheap travel razor. Or you are a fan of Rick Harrison. Though you might want to consider Weishi 9306 first which is the same razor, also comes with a travel case and is even cheaper. Or should you see VanDer Hagen or Dorco prime starter set somewhere you can also go with those. All these aforementioned razors are made in China and are fairly cheap. Needless to say that they all tend to have some quality issues also. Some more and some less.