Foil VS Rotary Shaver

Some time ago, I happened to visit a local electronics store. While there, I noticed an elderly couple standing before an aisle filled with electric shavers. Both of them looked somewhat distressed. They were searching for a salesperson who could explain to them the subtle differences between the models. I could hardly blame them. Different … Read more

Best Shaving Method

Choosing the right tool for the right task and situation makes a huge difference. But you may end up paying a lot of money for something you are not happy with, mostly because you had unrealistic expectations. After reading this, you should be able to tell if the razor you were thinking about is suitable … Read more

Panasonic Arc 5 vs Braun Series 9: Which One Is Superior

If you are thinking about going for the foil electric shaver, then Braun Series 9 and Arc 5 are the absolute best. Both excel in what they are supposed to do – shaving. Yet there are some differences. The German made Braun S9 sticks to the minimalistic “less is more” style while Panasonic bows to … Read more